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Florida Beaches

The Sunshine State has almost 1,200 miles of superb beaches, featuring some of the finest and most exciting seascapes in the world. Florida averages 361 sunny days per year, with at least 8 hours of sunshine a day.

Florida Beaches

These are the beaches we recommend
nearest to Orlando.

To the East - Atlantic - The Space Coast

Surf tends to be higher on the Atlantic coast.

Cocoa Beach (just under 1 hour drive)
Actually 2 busy beaches, with shopping at the famous Ron Jons Surf Shop.

Cape Canaveral Beach (just under 1 hour drive) Most locals prefer the beaches in Cape Canaveral. Cleaner, quieter, with not as much traffic.

Daytona Beach (just over 1 hour drive)
In the summer Daytona is bustling with activity. During the winter months it takes on a more leisurely pace.


To the West - Gulf of Mexico – The Gulf Coast

Sea water temperature is warmer on the Gulf coast

Clearwater Beach (just under 2 hours drive)
Clearwater Beach is the spectacular centrepiece of a number of equally beautiful beaches to its north and south, some offering aquatic activities, some devoted to peace, quiet and relaxation.

St. Pete Beach (just over 2 hours drive)
St. Pete Beach is a seven mile beach of fine white sand that so typifies the west-central coast.

Fort De Soto Beach (just over 2 hours drive)
With its natural beauty, magnificent beaches and recreational facilities, Fort De Soto Beach has been named America's Top Beach for the second consecutive year by TripAdvisor.